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Entity Exchange is the one policy agnostic counterparty information management platform that accelerates the on-boarding process without sacrificing control over your sensitive information.

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Entity Exchange provides a centralized, secure repository to enable trading counterparties to manage and share data and documents with confidence. Our purpose built solution for institutional and alternative Investment Managers and Banks/Brokers is flexible, innovative and designed to enable clients to comply with evolving regulations efficiently.
Investment Managers
Control - Private document library and approval workflow let the fund post once, distribute to many
Power – Sophisticated tools to manage beneficial ownership and entity hierarchies
Security – Encrypted storage, configurable user access with multi-factor authentication
Transparency – Permissioned document sharing with detailed audit trails for progress and history
Speed – Automatic matching of client documents and data to bank requirements drives efficient information exchange
Transparency – Integrated request status and issue management capabilities facilitate clarity and collaboration during client interactions
Flexibility – Policy agnostic platform to support bespoke and evolving requirements
Power – Tools to manage evidence and data discrepancies within onboarding requests

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Know Your KYC

llluminating the Hedge Fund Perspective

This white paper examines KYC from the perspective of a hedge fund manager and shows how understanding the buy-side’s view can help make KYC an easier, more accurate and more sustainable practice for the entire industry.
As a prerequisite for doing business in the financial markets, Know Your Customer (KYC) has become a complex process that is increasingly expensive, resource-intensive and liable to complicate client/broker relationships. For many sell-side institutions that manage one-to-one interactions with multiple clients, KYC represents an unsustainable situation.
Given that most of the cost burden of KYC is borne by the sell side, the majority of new solutions on the market tend to focus on sell-side needs. But KYC is fundamentally a two-way exchange of information and agreements, and new solutions need to take the requirements of both sides into account.